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Camel Snus is a product produced in Sweden by British American Tobacco, under contract, it is not as popular as the real snus products in Sweden but it is in the USA a popular smokeless tobacco products. Also, when using it, one doesn’t need to spit, as it is the case with other popular chewing tobacco. The active component of any efficient tobacco-based product is nicotine. If we need to ingest nicotine, relying on smoking is not the only and best solution, though it still remains one of the most common. Camel Snus as other snus focuses on the way to deliver nicotine removing at the same time the additional smoke – inhered by cigarettes – or spitting – characteristic to chewing tobacco brands.

It is obvious that choosing Camel Snus delivers us from some irritating consequences we would have to face otherwise. But the benefits of this product do not limit to the bothers we no longer have to put up with. It must be noted that Swedish snus in general presents some positive features. For instance, Camel like other producers of Swedish snus only manufactures its product from pasteurized tobacco put into some teabag-like pouches that are to be placed between the upper lip and the cheek. As users, we are given the chance to choose from a variety of flavors: original, spice and frost. One may complain about the fact that there are only three options when it comes to the Camel snus, but if we consider that users in general are loyal to one type of product and hardly do they change their options, it seems that the offer is more than sufficient.

But the most appealing feature is discretion. Using a smokeless tobacco product is as easy and “invisible” as using a chewing gum. We will be able to consume the required nicotine without being noticed. Moreover, it is said that Camel Snus is risk-free if compared to smoking and chewing tobacco. Skeptics state that there is no such thing as risk-free, but if we were to compare the risks, we would reach to the conclusion that Snus is, at the bottom of line, less dangerous with respect to our health.

As common as it may be, smoking remains, one of the most controverted habits. Nonsmokers, if not indifferent to those who smoke, frequently try to talk smokers into quitting, arguing that smoking is damaging both to smokers and nonsmokers. This is the main approach. However, substitutes are at hand if we want to change something in our smoking behavior. Snus is one of these options, and the benefits of choosing it over common cigarettes or chewing tobacco are to be appreciated.

Despite the fact that this is not the most significant consequence, first of all it is to be mentioned that using snus avoids the second-hand smoke. In addition, if we consider the ongoing regulations forbidding smoking in public places, we may notice that this tobacco-based product has the ability to ease our lives from a social point of view. Moreover, studies have shown that this product is less harmful than cigarettes or chewing tobacco with respect to our health as users, and the so called Swedish experience comes to reinforce this idea.

Buy Camel snus

This article was published on Tuesday 29 April, 2008.
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